6 Audiences You Should Start Targeting TODAY


It’s no secret that targeting is a critical component of your ad campaign’s success. Regardless of how FABULOUS your ad creative is, it won’t get you anywhere if you’re not showing it to the right people. With so many people on Facebook, how do I consistently get low conversion costs and high conversion rates? I test, I tweak, and I target – using the 6 following audiences.

  1. Website Traffic. Facebook allows you to install a pixel on your domain, which then provides retargeting capabilities for anyone who visits a page on your website! Across the board, website traffic has proven to be a high converting audience.
  1. Relevant/Related Page Visitors. Using the same Facebook pixel used to create your website traffic audience, you can also target people who have visited a specific page. Ex. If someone visits a blog about planning a wedding, it would make sense to retarget them with an ad selling a wedding planning guide book. I also use this for driving people BACK to a sales page when they have visited but not purchased.
  1. Email List. One of the highest converting audiences we have found is retargeting people who have subscribed for your email list. Some companies have categorized lists which allow them to be even more targeted by selecting the most relevant list to target for a specific offer, however it has proven to be fruitful to target a full CRM list as well.
  1. Video Viewers. I use video viewers in 2 different ways, depending on where in the funnel the leads are. If someone has viewed 50% or more of a video, I consider them a warm audience and target them for warm offers. If someone has viewed 10 seconds of a video, I consider them to be a cold audience, as 10 seconds is not long enough to actually become familiar with a brand.
  1. Saved Interest Targeting. With each of my clients I perform a current audience analysis to determine the common interests and demographics of the current fanbase. From there, I analyze the ideal customer avatar from the eyes of the client. I then use Facebook’s Audience Insights tool to create an audience using common interests and demographic/geographic targeting. Typically, I aim to keep these audiences between 500,000 and 1 million people.
  1. Buyer Lookalikes. When creating a campaign with the goal of obtaining purchases, it makes sense to analyze the existing buyers for your company and target more people who are like that. Luckily, Facebook provides an option to create lookalike audiences in which they will analyze an existing audience and create a new audience of people with similar interests and characteristics.

Audiences will be different for all companies and all campaigns, based on what you have available and the level of interaction you maintain with your various warm audiences…But commonly the previous 6 audiences are among the top performing audiences across all of our client’s campaigns.

When in doubt, test and find out!

What’s your top performing audience?

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