Our Marketing Strategy...

After endless hours of research, hundreds of ads created and managed by members of our team, multiple "trial and error" sessions and a bit of good-ol'-fashion pondering...We realized that the KEYS to successful marketing, are people and developing real relationships with those people.

That's why our team creates ads with three levels of relationships in mind...

  1. Introduction. We believe in offering TRUE VALUE to people who have never heard of your company. We do extensive target market research and analysis to find the people best suited for your offerings. Then, we give those who have never heard of you value that will make your company one which they'll never forget.
  2. Nurture. Getting an email onto your list is not enough. We help our clients create a series of campaigns which strategically move those who have been introduced to your brand into a deeper level of trust with your company.
  3. Commitment. Once a level of trust has been established, we carefully craft benefit-rich sales campaigns, urgency and scarcity periods and retargeting campaigns to transform your leads into paying customers and maximize your ROI.



Client Relations

At Clicked Social, we understand the hesitations and anxiety associated with trusting your business and financial resources with someone else. We manage each of our client accounts as if they were our own.

Our team provides 24/7 campaign management, daily account maintenance and an open exchange between our team and yours regarding any areas of success or room for improvement through ongoing email correspondence and one-on-one strategy sessions.

Ready for Action?

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