Advertising is more important than ever before for brick & mortar establishments...

It's a regular part of the daily news to hear about yet another local business falling to the conveniences of online shopping.

So, when I propose the idea of using the internet to market brick & mortar businesses, it's no surprise that I'm often faced with extreme hesitations.

But here's the thing...

By NOT advertising and making yourself visible in the places where your customers are "hanging out" (ie. social media), you're practically handing your customers to "the other guys".

A recent Digital Marketing Magazine article stated that 3 out of 4 consumers will check a company's social media page BEFORE purchasing.

If you're not leveraging your social media account to share the beauty of the EXPERIENCE of shopping with you, you're leaving cards on the table. Social media is one of the most effective, most authentic, easiest and COST EFFECTIVE ways to spread your message, share your story, help your customers find you and build your following both online and in person.

So... Let me guess... By now you know that you SHOULD be utilizing social media... But you've got a BUSINESS to run. How are you going to find time in your already long days for using Facebook?

By letting us do it for you!

We have designed an entire portion of our agency specifically for local businesses. We have tried and true strategies that will place your company in front of the RIGHT people and build your following both online and in your store.

Interested in hearing how we can help YOUR business?

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