Facebook Videos 101

If you’ve been researching Facebook Ads, you have probably seen at least a few sources saying that video is the thing that you should absolutely be incorporating into your ad strategy.

There are so many benefits to using video. Video allows you to provide your followers with valuable face-time which helps to increase trust levels. You can relay emotion through video much more effectively than you can through text. For those who are comfortable with videos, you can also cover much more content in a much shorter amount of time than it takes to sit down and type something out. The list could go on and on.

Most business owners know that videos are important, but many don’t know where to start. Is it better to use Facebook Lives or pre-recorded videos? Do I need to hire a videographer? Should I host the video on Facebook or YouTube? How do I promote the video? What should I talk about?

There are a slew of questions that tend to appear shortly after a business owner decides to begin using video… Often times, those questions become so overwhelming that people shy away and don’t move forward.

But that is NOT going to happen to you! I’m going to give you the rundown of what I hear most often from my clients about implementing video in their strategy and I’ll let you in on the same advice and insights that I give them!


Question 1. Which is better: Facebook Live or Pre-Recorded Videos?

Well, it depends. I like to encourage a mix of the two, at least initially, to allow you to decide which feels best for you. There are pros and cons to both, so give yourself a chance to experiment with them and to find your comfort zone. Some people like to have live interaction to carry the video along. Other people like to be able to edit and perfect a video before anyone sees it. One of the perks (and pressures) of video, is that it allows people to see YOU. They can see the messages that your eyes are sending. They can see your body language. They pick up on your emotions. If you’re uncomfortable, that’s going to show. Do what feels best for you personally.


Question 2. I don’t have professional camera equipment and can’t hire a videographer. What should I do?

RELAX. Some of the most effective videos I have seen have been shot with nothing more than a smartphone. Using video is not about trying to send out the perception that your life is perfect. The most impactful (and profitable) way to use video is by seeing it as a tool to build connections. In order to establish those connections, you need to be relatable. What’s that mean? The more REAL your video is, the better. Grab a cheap cell phone tripod online and start shooting. It’s really that easy.


Question 3. Where should you “put” your video once it’s recorded (if you decided to use pre-recorded)? Specifically, should I upload it to YouTube or Facebook?

Short answer – BOTH. If the content is relevant, I say the more exposure the better. If you want to upload your video to youtube, go for it! Now, what I do NOT recommend is uploading your video on YouTube and then sharing the link on Facebook. Facebook is competing with YouTube (so they don’t exactly “play nice”). If you upload your video on YouTube and also want to share it on Facebook, upload it directly into Facebook as well.


Question 4. How do I promote my videos?

Videos can be promoted in a number of ways. The method you choose should depend on what you’re ultimately looking to achieve. If you’re simply relaying content and looking to build up a high number of video views for you to retarget with future ads, use either video views or post engagement objectives. If you are using a video to try to get people to go to a blog to read more, use the traffic objective and add a button with a link to that landing page.

*Fun fact: I always encourage people to test the video views objective (optimized for 10 second views) against the post engagement objective to see which one delivers the lowest cost 50% views. Ideally, you want people to watch your whole video. I use these 2 objectives to determine which one will actually produce the longest, lowest cost views.


Question 5. What should I talk about?

ANYTHING. Anything that you feel is of value to you target market is worth sharing in a video! If you already have a blog, go back through your previous blog posts and turn them into videos. If you’re working through your day and something comes up that is a frequent “pain point” for your target market, do a video about it and provide a simple solution. Videos are totally versatile and can be incredibly effective when value is relayed through them.


Now that you have some background and some tips to get started, I challenge you to grab your camera and start shooting!

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