FB Campaign Quick Guide

I talk with my clients all the time about the different campaigns I’m running or planning to run as a part of their marketing strategy. I’m constantly throwing out the terms traffic campaigns, conversion campaigns, message campaigns, etc…

However, through these discussions, I’ve learned quickly that when these terms are thrown around, most business owners don’t have a clue what I’m talking about.

So, I’ve put together a quick guide which details the types of campaigns I most frequently use, what I use them for, a summary of when I use them, and some additional notes that may be helpful for you in trying to build your own campaigns.

As you are reading through the guide, keep in mind that there are many different types of campaigns available through Facebook and there are plenty of varying strategies used by marketers which include different types of campaigns. The campaigns I’ve listed below are the ones I use most frequently and find the most cost effective in most cases for my clients.

Facebook Campaign Quick Guide

Campaign Objective Used For When I Use This Additional Notes
Likes Building Page Likes Generally this runs at a low budget at all times except during sales periods Some pages build fans at a very low cost, others are more expensive. I tend to turn off the more expensive campaigns and build page fans in other ways
Post Engagement Promoting Page Posts
  1. Used for promoting posts on the page to increase awareness, provide value, relay information and “warm” audiences up to the page
  2. Used to promote a sales post or other conversion post (which is created with the intention of getting people to go to a webpage and take an action) in an effort to build social proof on the post before running it as an ad to cold audiences
  3. Sometimes used for promoting videos and building audiences of video viewers
These campaigns are super versatile and can be used for a variety of things. It’s a great “beginner” objective to just start getting some paid traffic to interact with your page.
Traffic Sending traffic to a webpage
  1.  I use these for blog/content campaigns in which I’m sending traffic to a page simply to absorb content provided there.
  2.  I use these for most non-ecommerce sales campaigns since FB optimizes based on 50 “conversions” so using a purchase conversion would likely not receive enough purchases quickly enough to allow FB to optimize properly
When using for sales, it’s still important to install pixels on the thank you page and then turn on the pixel tracking option in the ads so you can see which ads are producing sales.
Video Views Promoting Videos These can be used for promoting FB Lives, pre-recorded videos that have been posted to the page, and pre-recorded videos that are not posted to the page (ie. “dark posts”) I’ll test between the video views objective and post engagement, as sometimes PE delivers lower costs per longer view.
Messages Initiating one on one Conversations These ads have a CTA button asking users to “send a message”. I often use them during sales periods and leading up to events to try to provide a comfortable way for people to ask any questions. These require someone to actually check and respond to messages, so there is some legwork involved when a messenger campaign is successful.
Conversions Getting people to give something in exchange for something I usually use conversion objectives for lead magnets (freebies), webinars, challenges, and other offers in which I know (or at least, hope) that I’ll receive a high number of sign-ups, which will allow Facebook to properly optimize through the majority of the campaign’s run-time. Proper pixel installation is critical for conversion campaigns. Ensure the “event” pixel is installed on the Thank You page ONLY (not on the landing page).
Event Responses Event Promotion Typically I use these for local events only (not web/virtual events). These are helpful in collecting a rough estimate of attendees for things like “grand openings” or “open houses”.


As you get to know your audience and test various campaign objectives on your account, you’ll begin to see that some work better than others for your audiences and that is OK!  My best advice to you, if you want to run your own Facebook ad campaigns, is to test and analyze the data frequently. Just because one thing doesn’t work well today, doesn’t mean it won’t work well next month. The digital world is constantly changing, so you’ll want to ensure you’re adjusting your marketing strategy to stay aligned.

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