Why I Only Do Facebook Ads And Instagram Ads

Have you ever had a week that feels like it has some kind of “theme” that everyone else seems to be going along within their actions or conversations?

I'm totally having one of those weeks right now. The common theme? Let's call it the “I want it all” week.

This week, just about half of the prospects I've met with have asked me “why do you only do Facebook and Instagram? I want someone that can manage all of my platforms”.

So, I wanted to address this and make it crystal clear WHY my agency is specifically focused on Facebook and Instagram.

Reason #1. In this huge umbrella which we have labeled “social media”, there are tons of different platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, Youtube, etc. Each of the platforms has a different audience, a different place in their audience's lives, and thus, requires a different strategy and implementation style.

When I develop strategy plans and campaigns for my clients' Facebook and Instagram accounts, I'm pulling on years of studying, practicing and testing to see what works specifically on those platforms. The things that I do that work well on FB and IG will likely NOT WORK on Pinterest or Snapchat, because the audiences are different and the ways they interact are different.

Think about it like this… Even though an OBGYN is really good at performing Cesarean Sections… You probably wouldn't want them to be the one giving you open heart surgery, right? The skill sets and knowledge required for each procedure is totally different.

Reason #2. I do not believe that business owners should be on every platform. Period. I'm not saying that you shouldn't have a profile that you update occasionally just in case someone is looking for you… but if you are selling hearing aids and targeting men and women ages 50 and over, it doesn't make sense to be on Snapchat because that's not where your audience is hanging out.

Since I believe in focusing on just a few platforms, it doesn't make sense to me to know a little bit about a lot of different platforms. I work with people whose audience is on Facebook and Instagram and I know a lot about advertising on those two platforms. I sincerely believe that it is more powerful to know a lot about a little than to know a little about a lot.

Reason #3. Facebook has the largest number of active users. Boom. If you want to reach more people, go where the people are. I started as a strictly Facebook Ads agency, but with the recent integrations between Facebook and Instagram, it just makes sense to apply my skills across both platforms in the ways that work best on each platform.

Reason #4. We are a small agency and we pride ourselves on offering personalized, hands-on service to all of our clients. If we were to expand to take on new teams to manage each different platform, the personalized experience would be in jeapordy as each client would be just getting handed off from one team to the next.  Our entire ads philosophy stems around the idea of moving from the “selling” mindset to the “relationship building” space. We put a pretty strong emphasis on relationships around here, and it is simply not an option to sacrifice our client relationships in an effort to be a “one stop shop”.

So, what should you do as a business owner looking to be online?

  1. Determine where your target audiences are. What platform(s) are they using?
  2. Decide if it is more important to you to be a powerhouse on one or two platforms where your audience is spending time, or to be a face in the crowd across many.
  3. Find an agency or freelancer that provides services which match what you're looking for. If you're looking to specialize in Pinterest, find someone who is a master at Pinterest strategy and advertising. If you want to be active on Twitter, find someone that has a track record on Twitter. If you're looking to make an impact on Facebook and Instagram, set up a free strategy session with me!



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