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The No-Frills, Layman’s Terms, Plain English, Jargon Translator for Facebook Marketing

             There is no denying that it can be a thoroughly frustrating experience when you hire someone to invest your financial resources into marketing your brand on a specific platform, and then when they communicate with you it’s about as comprehensible as a foreign language.

At Clicked Social, we strive to maintain open and transparent relationships with our clients. That’s why we have compiled this easy to understand marketing jargon translator. We do our best to relay all information in plain English, but on occasion we may use a term specifically tailored to our industry. In those cases, we want our clients to have access to clear, simple definitions so you’ll never feel like you’re getting the “run around” or being mislead with “code words”.

Here are the words we use most commonly at Clicked:

BUYERS LIST: A list of email addresses, phone numbers or other contact information, provided by the client, which includes people who have purchased products or services from you.

CLICKS: A click on an ad (this action delivers people to the page linked to the ad)

CLICKS CAMPAIGN: A campaign with the objective of getting users to click on the ad and visit a webpage

COLD AUDIENCE: People who are not familiar with your brand. We build cold audiences of people who are likely to have an interest in your brand based on their interests, characteristics, demographics and other traits.

CONVERSION: An action taken by a user, such as registering for a webinar, entering an email to receive a freebie or purchasing a product.

CONVERSION CAMPAIGN: A campaign with the objective of getting users to take a desired action.

COPY: The text portion of an ad, webpage, article, etc.

EMAIL LIST: This is a list of all email addresses a client has in their database which we use for targeting ads to warm audiences.

FANS: People who “like” your Facebook page.

LANDING PAGE: This is the first page in a funnel. We send traffic to a landing page through ads where they can review information about an offer and take a desired action.

LIKE CAMPAIGN: A Campaign with the objective of gaining page likes/fans.

LOOKALIKE AUDIENCE: A cold audience created by analyzing characteristics, interests and traits of existing warm audiences. These audiences are generated by Facebook.

PIXEL:  A pixel is a piece of JavaScript code for your website that enables you to measure actions taken as a result of campaigns, optimize campaigns based on which ads are producing the best results and build audiences for your ad campaigns.

POST ENGAGEMENT CAMPAIGN: This campaign turns posts on your page into sponsored ads by showing them to members of specified audiences instead of just page fans/visitors.

THANK YOU PAGE: This is the page users are taken to AFTER completing a desired action.

VIDEO CAMPAIGN: This type of campaign contains a video instead of a still image. It may or may not link to a specific page. We use video campaigns to build audiences of people who have viewed various lengths of the videos, which we can retarget with future offers.


While this is undoubtedly NOT an exhaustive list of marketing jargon used within our company, these are the terms we use most often in our client communications. If, at any point, you have questions, comments or concerns about the language being used to relay information about your ad account, we invite you to reach out and let us know!







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