Simple Video Campaigns for Building Warm Audiences

Warm audiences are GOLD in online marketing.

One of the keys to my Facebook marketing strategy is that I devote time to both continuously developing warm audiences, while also sending specific offers out to existing warm audiences, producing sales. Sounds logical, right?

>>> Unfortunately, giving time and energy to building warm audiences is a commonly overlooked step in many company's digital marketing strategies. <<<

I've heard the lines about why business owners/marketing managers “can't” spend time on warm audience development…”It's too time-consuming”, “There's no ROI”, “I'm only looking to make money, not make friends”…Yeah, I've had some pretty interesting reasoning thrown my way about why a company is NOT doing warm audience development…But I'm here to tell you that you NEED to start.

In the 2,000+ campaigns I have created and managed, engaged, nurtured, established warm audiences consistently produce 90-95% of sales.

(PS: A “warm audience” is someone who is familiar with your brand/company/product.)

That's great right?

So what happens once your warm audience of 200 people has become saturated and Facebook stops showing your ad or decreases the frequency? Users get “ad blindness” and stop responding to your ad? Or WORSE – people start to get annoyed with seeing your ads constantly and click the dreaded “I don't want to see this” button…

In most cases, this is where business owners assume Facebook ads don't work and pull the plug.

What SHOULD happen in these cases? A business owner should switch their strategy to begin building new, LARGER warm audiences! While I use a rather extensive, multi-campaign approach in my warm audience strategies, there is one campaign type that consistently produces HUGE audience pools at a low (seriously LOW) cost. What is it? 


Now, I'm already hearing the hesitation and excuses running through your mind. Put that all aside and hear me out.

Right now, video ads are HUGE. Facebook is essentially competing with Youtube, so businesses are able to achieve MASSIVE exposure at super LOW costs.

What's that mean?

–> You got it – it means you're exposing people to your brand and building warm audiences! On average across the video campaigns I run, I typically receive 3-second views for $0.005-$0.02, 10-second views for $0.02-$0.10 and 50% views for $0.25-$0.75.

The BEST parts about video ads?

  1. You can retarget people. The retargeting options are endless! Imagine that you have a carpet cleaning company and you create a video ad of yourself cleaning a portion of a carpet with your special carpet soap. Now, you can take the people who watched a certain amount of that video and send an ad to BUY that special carpet soap directly to them! Pretty cool right?
  2. They don't have to be professionally produced. In fact, some of the top performing video ads I've seen have been a person sitting in their kitchen/living room/office holding up their iPhone shooting a video of themselves talking about something.  People on Facebook are there to connect with friends and family. They're in the mindset that they want a familiar face…Making a video that's not overly produced gives a genuine feel to both the video and your brand.
  3. They get to know YOU. People will see your face and begin to feel like they know you. When people feel like they know someone, a level of trust is built. Where there is trust, there are sales!

Taking all of the information above into account, are you ready to create your own video ad? If so, here are some “best practices” I've developed to help you get started:

  1. Videos for video ads should be short. The ideal time frame is 30 seconds – 2.5 minutes.
  2. Be YOURSELF. As mentioned above, a genuine experience is typically received much better than a stuffy/overly produced one.
  3. Solve a problem. In your videos, it's fine to create a teaser every once in a while about a new product you have coming out, but the majority of your videos should provide something of value. Think of a mini-problem your audience typically has (sticking with the carpet cleaning, you could talk about grass stains on carpet) then provide a solution (preferably WITHOUT being super “salesy” and pitching your products…this is a VALUE segment, not a SALES segment).

Now, take what you have learned, get in front of the camera, and start building your empire! 🙂

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