Why Jumping Into a Sales Campaign Doesn’t Work

It seems the term “Instant Gratification” is used more and more frequently each day. Blame it on whatever or whoever you want, but the desire for instant results, instant recognition, etc. is all around us…And Facebook advertising is no exception.

Who could blame a business owner for wanting to see an immediate ROI – wouldn't that be fabulous?! Unfortunately, that's not *usually* the way it works (of course there will be some Tom, Dick or Harry that is the exception to this rule…But for the rest of us, it's just not like that).

So if you can't launch a sales campaign and make money, then what is the point of Facebook Ads? How are so many other business owners profiting from Facebook?

Well…I'll tell you.

The difference between business owners who don't see ROI from Facebook ads and those who find massive success through Facebook ads…Is that the success is driven by a STRATEGY.

Yep, just like when you're taking a roadtrip…Facebook ads are most successful when you have a roadmap and a plan to get to your destination.

One of my favorite discussions of Facebook Ads Strategy comes from Digital Marketer. They explain that Facebook advertising (and really ANY social media advertising) is just like building a romantic relationship. The first time you meet someone that you find interesting/attractive, you're not going to ask them to marry you (at least I'd hope not). Similarly, the first time a person is exposed to your brand, they're not very likely to open up their wallet and commit to you.

In both the romantic relationship and the business relationship, it takes time and repeat encounters to build trust and move the parties into the next phase of the process. That's why we focus on helping our clients build a strategy that simultaneously moves people through the sales funnel based on where they are in the relationship. Someone who has never heard of the brand before should be provided with valuable, non-committal content (ie. send them to a blog, show them a video with a “mini-problem” and a solution). At the same time, people who have been exposed to the company but have not yet made a commitment can be presented with offers that require something minor in exchange (ie. a free checklist in exchange for their email address). Also happening at this same time, people who are in “deep” with the company (they've bought before, they've given their email address, they've proven that they value the content being provided) are presented with the “marriage proposal”…aka Sales offers.

So you see, jumping right into Facebook and running sales ads is rarely an effective plan. Becoming successful with sales through Facebook is a multi-tiered process that takes time, planning and quite a bit of effort. However, once you have established yourself and have built an audience that values your content and feels a level of trust toward you, you'll have loyalty that could feed your family for a lifetime.

If you're looking to try selling your product on Facebook, keep in mind that before you can expect someone to commit, you need to prove your worth to them. All those “vanity campaigns” (ie. likes, post engagement, etc) may seem like a money pit, but they're developing audiences for you that will be chomping at the bit to commit to your offers!

Set a goal and create a plan to get there, meeting people at each stage of the funnel to gracefully transition them to the next and you're much more likely to find success through Facebook ads!

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