Why You Should Use Facebook Ads for Your Brick & Mortar Business

How are YOU attracting people to your brick & mortar establishment?

Newspaper ads? Radio? Flashy signs in your windows? Posting on social media? Maybe even BOOSTING a post every once in a while?

What if I told you that there is a way to get your message, your products and your brand in front of people in your area…through a source where they ACTUALLY spend time?!  The magic platform I’m referring to? Facebook.

Now…Before you leave, hear me out.

Facebook is not just a high school hangout anymore…Everyone (I mean EVERYONE) has a Facebook…Or has a friend, a child, a cousin, etc. who does.

Facebook IS where people are hanging out. So how can this help you?

Let’s explore 5 MAJOR benefits for brick & mortar establishments on Facebook.

  1. Targeting – As we have covered, Facebook IS where the people are. The most effective marketing is the marketing that reaches people. An additional perk with using Facebook (as opposed to traditional print/radio advertising)? Targeting is AMAZING through Facebook. Do you offer a product or service that appeals mostly to people in a certain age range? A specific gender? Maybe people who are into fitness or other interests? Through Facebook, you can implement targeting parameters that allow your ads to be shown ONLY to people who are likely to be ACTUALLY interested in your products!


  1. Budget – One of the most common excused I hear from business owners is that they don’t have the budget to run Facebook ads…What they don’t know, is that Facebook ads are actually one of the CHEAPEST marketing techniques available. I’ve seen companies find 3-10x ROI through Facebook ads with budgets as low as $5/day (yeah…that’s one latte)! With returns like that, how can you afford NOT to run Facebook ads?


  1. Search Capabilities – Facebook is a MASSIVE platform…And their growth is not slowing down any time soon! A new feature is being rolled out that is designed to compare to web searches. This feature will allow people to type into their Facebook search bar terms like “Restaurants Near Me”. Facebook will then display a list of local restaurants’ Facebook pages so users can scroll through, visit their pages and ultimately, choose someplace to dine! That being said, having an active Facebook following, engaging content and working to maintain your page will be huge perks when this tool is utilized.


  1. Organic Reach is OLD NEWS – It’s a sad statement…but a factual one. According to a study done by Inc, less than 5% of a business page’s followers actually SEE their updates/posts. For a small business with 500 fans, that’s less than 25 people! Of those people how many are ACTUALLY going to do something about it? Probably not all 25. Through Facebook ads, you can direct valuable content/posts/offers to specific audiences and you KNOW that people are actually seeing them!


  1. Human – to – Human is IN – We’ve all witnessed the takeover of retail by online shopping. While we, as humans, LOVE convenience…Studies have shown that trends are starting to pivot BACK to human-to-human interaction. Facebook now offers ads which allow for people to send a message right to the page, call the business, schedule a meeting, you name it. Ads are no longer just about “pitching”…They’re about building relationships, and Facebook is an ideal platform to initiate these relationships.



Still not sure if Facebook ads will help YOUR  business? Let’s talk about it!

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